The animals are creatures which are featured in the game. All of the animals are useful, as they all do produce them coins! Animals however do cost a lot, due to the ranking they are and how much coins and even some XP they produce. The first is the chicken, costing around 500 coins, and the second animal is the squirrel which costs 11,000 coins! They can all be seen outside. Animals are also useful because sometimes they earn XP. For example, the chicken produces XP if you tap on it sometimes, because it can teach it how to fly! Animals come in all different unique colours, shapes, behaviours, coins and many more. Some of them are mischievous and cute. Most are cute and adorable! However, animals behaviours are always different. Animals are important in the game. They can be bought in the animal rack in the Ninja Kit.

Trivia Edit

  • Animals can be bought in the Ninja Kit.
  • Animals produce different amounts of coins.
  • Animals make noises when they produce coins.

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