The Elite Hoop is the third unlocked hoop in the game. It looks like two metal hoops. One hoop is like a regular basketball hoop, but the other hoop is above it and is facing horizontally.

Per session you will obtain 6,000 XP and 20,000 coins.

Elite hoop


  • The Elite Hoop looks like the Ring of Fire, except it doesn't have the little flame and it has a hoop facing horizontally.
  • The Elite Hoop comes with a basketball, just like the Ring of Fire, that you can throw at the hoop. It counts as a hit if the basketball goes through.
  • If the ninja or basketball goes through both hoops, it will count as two hits.
  • The basketball has the same design as the Slam Dunk ball; however, it doesn't earn additional XP when you throw it at the ninja.