The First Jumper Trampoline is a trampoline that is first in the line and can be unlocked at level 1. It doesn't bounce your ninja very high. The First Jumper Trampoline gives you 100 XP and can be repaired every minute. It can be found in Sensei's rack in the Ninja Kit.

Level Unlocked: 1

XP Gained: 100

Repair Time: 1 minute

Train your ninja hard. If he masters the trampoline, he will do better. 8 moves activates the trampoline ninja move.

The First Jumper Trampoline can give lots of XP an hour, you can earn more than 600 XP an hour from this trampoline.


  • This trampoline makes the ninja bounce the lowest height of all the trampolines.
  • It is the first trampoline unlocked.