A photo of Kira and Brad.

Kira disappeared and Clumsy Ninja misses her. She disappeared when a ninja named Hori Bull kidnapped her while she was meditating. The Sensei trains Clumsy in hopes of helping him find her someday. Sometime after, they are joined by a new, female ninja recruit named Lily, giving the player the privilege to train her and Clumsy both. Clumsy trains for a while until he achieves the skill to travel and train in The Hills. They first find clues of Kira's whereabouts, as they find her katana on the floor. They also a find a note she left Clumsy that informs the team that Hori-Bull is heading for the Temple. They found the note by Fluffy (a squirrel that Kira made friends with while her sojourn at The Hills) giving it to them. The team then heads for the Temple, and discover Kira and Hori-Bull fighting, but petrified in stone due to arriving at the Temple unprepared with protection against the ancient protection spells. The fight finishes with Hori-Bull's defeat and Clumsy unlocking his master suit. The team reunite, and Kira recieves her master suit later.


  • You are supposed to find her by traveling to different places. Some of the quests are based off on clues of Kira.
  • If you want to see the story of Kira and the ninja, click the photo near the left of the market that shows the ninja and Kira cuddling.
  • In the picture of them cuddling, it depicts Kira' belt as a dark purple, eggplant-like color. However, she is depicted having a magenta belt in person.