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The Ninja is the main character in the game. You can train, dress up, and play with him. He is clumsy at the beginning of the game, but he gets better overtime as you train him with your ninja items. He has a goal to find his friend Kira who was kidnapped by the Banished Ninja, but since he is very clumsy, you have to train him in order to do so.

Start a Discussion Discussions about Ninja

  • Current Levels?

    8 messages
    • Im currently level 42 but i heard all the quests end after level that true?
    • 61, mastered all skills, need to unlock Ninja Book Part 4, and idea what level that happens on?
  • clumsy ninja

    2 messages
    • How do you change the character.
    • go to where you change the clothes and press the button on the right

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