Potions are one of the many types of training items in the Clumsy Ninja game, and can be very useful. As with most other training items, your ninja unlocks more potions as he levels up. The first few potions give small amounts of XP, whilst others give lots of XP. Potions can be found in the rack in the Ninja Kit. Potions can cost many coins, depending on what the high level is. The potions that cost the most are the best ones that give more Experience Points. None of the potions give coins. Potions can also be unlocked or bought with gems, however most buy with coins. Potions are said to help you earning belts. There are some potions the Ninja doesn't seem to like and some he does seem to like! The first is the Tornado Potion and the last  is the Ninja Juice

Potions can make your Ninja train better, like balloons, and most potions give really nice effects to your Ninja! The potions are always different, unique, does different things, great effects and probably changes your ninja's emotions.

Trivia Edit

  • Potions are very useful.
  • Potions can be bought with gems as well as coins.
  • Most players buy with coins.