Sensei is the teacher of ninjutsu in Clumsy Ninja, and he has taught students how to become skilled at it.

General informationEdit


"Sensei" is a term used to refer to teachers of martial arts. Sensei is named after this, as he is a teacher of ninjutsu, a type of martial art.


Sensei has mentioned that he used to educate Kira. Kira became able at ninjutsu, therefore outgrowing her teacher and finishing her lessons.

Now he is educating the Ninja how to become skilful in the same way as Kira.


Sensei gives you tasks to accomplish which you receive XP and coins for. He is mainly giving these tasks, although the ninja himself, the squirrel and the hen can do so too. 

He gives you belts when reaching a level that a belt can be obtained, and he also appears when you level up.

When completing all missions available in the game, he appears next to the ninja, and it is recommended to continue training.