The Target Practice is the first target practice. The Target Practice can be found in Sensei's Hoops section, in the Ninja Kit. Altogether, it earns you 60 XP (experience points) and no coins. After the Target Practice, is The Dunker. This Target Practice takes 10 minutes to repair, and can be repaired for 1 gem, or you can repair it for free by watching an advertisement video or you tweeting on Twitter. You can swipe the ninja to throw him in the hoop.
Image targetp

The Target Practice will help your ninja land on his feet, which will earn bonus XP, and keep his balance;also stop him from touching things when he is thrown. When he is thrown around, this will make him more stable and make a balanced landing.


  • The Target Practice is the first practice to be unlocked by the player.
  • The Target Practice earns 60 XP.