Hey fellow ninjas! I have recently heard of our goal to 200 articles and many active users. It may be a bit tricky, but all we need is lots of people contributing. The more people the merrier. Lets bring our goal of 200 pages to a reality! We can do it! Help contribute, and don't make it harder for the ninjas by messing up the wikia. Our goal is to get 200 pages with actual information about Clumsy ninja, so don't post false info or something that shouldn't be on there!

The reason we only have few pages is because of the lack of active users. There can be users here and there, but we need them all the time. Try your best to be active on the wikia. It will really help. You may be thinking, "Well the wiki is so small it will take an ETERNITY to get 200 pages." That is definitely not true. The only thing that can stop you from doing it is looking at the bad side of it. If 20 people were to be active, and contributed at least 5 edits a week, that means 100 edits were made! With more people, the job can be done, so all we have to do is work together and make this wikia the greatest it can be!

Thanks for listening, this is Allebaz encouraging our goal to 200 pages. ;)

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